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“I never smoke to excess- that is I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.” 
― Mark Twain

Now Open in Downtown Valdosta

     Almost 15 years ago, local businessman Tim Harris got some of his fellow cigar loving  friends together and formed an informal cigar club in Valdosta, Georgia. Meeting once a month at various locations (mostly Mom & Dad's Italian Restaurant), the group enjoyed fun conversation over delicious food and fine cigars.

     When the local cigar bar (Golden Leaf)  closed a few years ago, Tim started looking into the possibility of re-opening the property with a new focus and passion of exceptional customer service and a more varied selection of fine cigars, domestic and craft beers and fine wine, not ordinarily found in Valdosta. As his ability to acquire former furnishings and smoke eaters took shape, the idea of bringing the old store back to life came closer to reality,

     About this time, searching for someone to operate the business, Tim approached friend and fellow cigar lover Michael Jetter. With a strong background in management and customer service, stemming from years in senior management at Wild Adventures and as a business coach, Jetter had the  ability to connect with customers Harris was looking for.

     Finally after months of hurried preparation, Stogies Downtown was born on New Years Eve 2014. Nothing like ringing out the old and banging the gong with the new!!!

     Tim and Michael are excited to welcome cigar lovers from throughout South Georgia and North Florida to browse the hundred's of scents in the store's beautiful walk-in humidor, sample from our 45 different beers and sip on a glass of delicious white or red wine. Stogies Downtown is a place to meet, mingle and make new friends and for old friends to build stronger, lasting relationships.


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